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Released June 16, 2010

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Known Problems

We maintain a list of all currently Known Problems with SWF Studio. If you're having trouble getting something to work, this should be your first stop.

Getting Help from the SWF Studio Community

The best place to get help with SWF Studio has always been our Support Forums. You can ask questions or search many years worth of valuable information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my application crash for no reason?
Why don't my dialog boxes appear in SWF Studio?
How do I get shared objects to work with SWF Studio?
Why don't my screensavers appear in the Display Properties dialog?
Why aren't my buttons working in SWF Studio?
Why does my button event fire twice in SWF Studio?
How can I open a document in front of my SWF Studio app?
How do I enable synchronous commands in SWF Studio?
How do I get rid of the "Unknown Publisher" security warning?
Why can't I launch setup apps from SWF Studio?
Why doesn't my AS3 project run in SWF Studio?

SWF Studio Examples

We have a lot of examples available and we're starting to move them over to the blog where we devote a little more time and space to them, you can check out some of the longer format examples below.

Save Data to a Local File in Flash
Printing without a Print Dialog in Flash
Use QuickTime in your Flash Projector
Fullscreen Flash
Transparency Tricks
Tray Icons, Mouse Clicks and Popup Menus
Avoiding Windows "Drive Not Ready" Errors
Save Movie Clips as JPEGs


Help & Reference

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Still Using V2?

If you're not ready to upgrade to V3 yet, then you may find these links useful.

V2 to V3 Command Map


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