What is SWF Studio

SWF Studio is a technology that extends the functionality of the Flash player and eliminates the barriers imposed by Adobe, turning Flash into a first class desktop application development tool.

What can SWF Studio do?

SWF Studio is a tool for building applications so the only limit on what you can do is your own imagination. Here are just a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing...

  • CD application that runs when the CD is inserted (AutoPlay)
  • create a public information kiosk (locked down by kiosk mode)
  • use the transparency feature to create dekstop toys
  • branded audio (mp3) and video (flv, mpg, etc.) players
  • your own custom games with joystick support
  • screensavers for any occasion...

Who is SWF Studio for?

Flash and Flex developers will be able to access the full power of SWF Studio but even if you've never touched ActionScript (and don't want to) SWF Studio still has something for you.

See Instant Features - No ActionScript Required

Our FREE trial version never expires so you can get to know SWF Studio before you buy it.

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