Posted by Tinc in Feedback on Jun 18 2007, 04:19 pm

Just wanted to let you know that i really like the new look to your homepage. Bold but not the other "bronze"

I also appreciate your hard work and dedication to only releasing solid programs. I read all your replies here and at flashkit (Standalone & Applications) and you really are about quality and support!

Can't wait for the as3 support for Flash CS3



Posted by 4d3 in Feedback on Jun 19 2007, 10:27 am

Double two thumbs up for the great work and support of NC team... no more crossing my fingers when client ask for Vista support :)
And congrats on the new website...


Posted by Jhon in Feedback on Jun 21 2007, 06:23 pm

I can not agree more.
Northcode is like the justice league... just software wise... Canadian and well... Awesomely AAWWEESSOOMME !!!