Posted by Chris_Seahorn in Feedback on Sep 11 2006, 04:54 pm

I'm wondering if users who are not official affiliates can still get their hands on the Northcode graphic affiliates use so we can at least promote the package. I serve a ton of opensource and would love to sneak a few in (linked to here of course) for the curious at heart :)

I'm sure I could right click and download one from an affiliate but would rather have the blessing of you guys or not bother.

Posted by northcode in Feedback on Sep 12 2006, 02:14 am

Check your email and let the pimping begin :)

It's quick and easy to become an affiliate and it won't cost you a penny. In fact, you can earn up to 20% for every copy of SWF Studio you help sell. Most people opt for an even split (10% and 10%) between them and the customer. That means you make $26.91 on every sale (that's 10% after the customers 10% discount). We send real cheques after you've got $100 in your account, sometimes more often, depending on how long it's been since you've been paid. That's not bad for putting an affiliate link on your site. The more you pimp us, the more dough you stand to make.

Posted by Chris_Seahorn in Feedback on Sep 12 2006, 06:10 am

I'll be placing them in everything. Thanks Northcode!