Posted by northcode in News on Dec 15 2001, 05:53 pm

This is full release with a new setup (optional if you already have a previous version of SWF Studio installed). This release should also trigger the Live Update if you have it enabled.

See the SWF Studio download page for help obtaining the new version if Live Update isn't working for you.

The complete list of changes from build 1499 is available on the SWF Studio page, but if you've been downloading all the patches, this is what has changed in build 1501.

NEW Added WIN.SHOW and WIN.HIDE fscommands to show and hide the projector window. When hidden, the projector does not appear on the desktop or in the taskbar.

NEW Added Start Hidden to the Playback options so the projector window doesn't appear when the projector is started. You can call WIN.SHOW to make the window visible anytime.

NEW Added Single Instance Only to the Playback options so you can stop the user from starting multiple instances of your projector.

FIX Fixed the bug that stopped Show In Taskbar (under Playback) from working.