Posted by the DustRoom in Feedback on Sep 01 2003, 08:50 am

Everyone knows that Macromedia have just announced Flash MX 2004, which sounds amazing compared to MX!

My question is will SWF Studio support MX 2004 files (as it uses the OCX) or do you not know yet?

Also can you tell us when you plan to launch the Beta programme for flashthing (I can't wait to get my hands on it) and what prerequisites would be required to participate in this programme?

Posted by mbd in Feedback on Sep 01 2003, 01:40 pm

I'll just comment on the Flash 7 question. There have already been posts about this - you should take a look around the forums.

The first day the Flash Player 7 beta came out I tested it in SWF Studio. Everything worked fine. I even commented on a couple of new features. The only problem I've found with the beta 7 player was trapping keys. Hitting Escape didn't close the projector when the movie was transparent. Also the Control key didn't respond. But it is a beta player. When it is officially released, we'll see if that problem still exists - it's a player issue, not SWF Studio.

Other than that, the only other differences I could see was improved overall performance in Flash, and a slightly bigger OCX - after SWF Studio compresses, it's 50k bigger.