Posted by daamsie in Feedback on Jul 10 2003, 02:38 am

Hi, I haven't tried SWF Studio yet, but plan to do so this evening when in front of a PC (shame it's not available on mac's yet) and am looking forward to testing it out.

Just a tip though: Add some distinctive titles to your website pages, rather than just 'northcode .inc'. You'll notice a marked difference in your rankings in Google - the best kind of marketing you can do on the net today ;-)

Great looking site by the way. I like the bear logo you have.

Posted by mvincent in Feedback on Jul 11 2003, 05:27 am

Agreed, also there has been some kinda change in the consistency of the site when anything expands it goes to a 256 color flat menu version only too restore itself to the very eye pleasing collasped menu.

Flat version sucks. No way around that. When collapsed it looks perfect!

Please keep with that look.


Posted by daamsie in Feedback on Jul 13 2003, 07:08 pm

Very happpy with how the program works by the way.. did some testing on the weekend and it will do the job perfectly.