Posted by unknown in SWF Studio V2 on Jul 12 2001, 01:37 pm

I have tried to using the INIFILE plugin with no success. Below is a snippet of actionscript that I am trying to use. I am certain the script is running and that the plugin in SS is checked.

fscommand("CLR", "");
fscommand("ARG", "C:\\Temp\\Test.ini");
fscommand("ARG", "SECTION");
fscommand("ARG", "KEY");
fscommand("ARG", "VALUE");
fscommand("INIFILE.SETVAL", "");

I have been successful using FILESYS.WRITEFILE, so I am really at a loss.

I am using the trial version of SS v1.0 build 1499, flash 5.0 on Windows 2000 Pro.

Posted by unknown in SWF Studio V2 on Jul 12 2001, 02:07 pm

The parameter lists on the main page of the INIFILE documentation were wrong. If you click on SETVAL and look at the example you'll see that you need a result variable too. The result variable is used to return error codes. Sorry about that, doc has been fixed now.

fscommand("CLR", ""); 
fscommand("ARG", "resultvar");
fscommand("ARG", "C:\\Temp\\Test.ini"); 
fscommand("ARG", "SECTION"); 
fscommand("ARG", "KEY"); 
fscommand("ARG", "VALUE"); 
fscommand("INIFILE.SETVAL", "");