Sometimes you may see a blank entry in the dropdown list on the screensaver tab of the Diaplay Properties dialog when you use an 8.3 file name for your screensaver, but only in certain specific situations.

If you use an 8.3 filename and the file name is all upper case or all lower case then XP tries to use an internal string resource as the display name for the screensaver. Because of the EXE file format used in SWF Studio, XP can't read that resource, so it uses a blank.

The end result is you can't see your screensaver in the list and you can't make it active. The fix is equally as easy and works every time...

If you call your screensaver BOB.scr (only the first part of the name before the "." matters) then your screensaver won't work. However, if you change the name to Bob's Screensaver.scr or something that's clearly a long file name, not an 8.3 file name, then that name will appear in the display properties dialog.

Strange but true!

The following Inno Setup script can be used to generate basic installers for your V3 screensavers. Just make sure to use a name that is longer than 8 characters OR if you use less than 8 chars, mix up the case like "BobsTest.scr". That works okay because old 8.3 file names can't be mixed case so XP knows it's a long file name and displays the name properly.

AppName=Test Screensaver
AppVerName=Test Screensaver 1.0
AppPublisher=Company Name
DefaultDirName={pf}\Test Saver

Source: "TestSaver.scr"; DestDir: "{sys}"; CopyMode: alwaysoverwrite

; open screensaver property dialog with new screensaver selected
Filename: "{sys}\rundll32.exe"; Parameters: "desk.cpl,InstallScreenSaver {sys}\TestSaver.scr"