In this example I show how to host the QuickTime ActiveX control in your projector to play any QuickTime supported video format. This is done using the ActiveX support in SWF Studio, which allows you to host any standard ActiveX control in your Flash projectors.

The first thing you should do is make sure that the ActiveX control you;re about to use is installed. The ActiveX.isRegistered function allows you to do this and fail gracefully if the control is not installed.

Once you know the control is installed you can create an instance using ActiveX.createObject and then start setting properties and calling methods to make it do what you want.
to use it.

How do you determine what methods and properties an ActiveX control supports? If you look on the Help menu in SWF Studio there's a tool called ActiveX Info that displays a list of every ActiveX control installed on your system and provides you with a list fo all the methods, properties and events that each control supports.

ssDefaults.synchronousCommands = true;

// check to make sure the QuickTime ActiveX control is installed
var r:Object = ssCore.ActiveX.isRegistered({progId:"QTOControl.QTControl"})

if (r.success)
   if (r.result != "TRUE")
      ssCore.App.showMsgBox({prompt:"This app requires the QuickTime player.", icon:"critical"});

// create an instance of the QuickTime ActiveX control
ssCore.ActiveX.createObject({object:"QuickTime", progId:"QTOControl.QTControl"});

// make the QuickTime playback window fill the client area
ssCore.QuickTime.setGuides({topGuide:"top", leftGuide:"left", bottomGuide:"bottom", rightGuide:"right"});

// get rid of the default 1px black border around the playback window
ssCore.QuickTime.setProperty({property:"BorderStyle", value:"0"});

// hide the QuickTime playback controls
ssCore.QuickTime.setProperty({property:"MovieControllerVisible", value:"false"});

// tell QuickTime what video we want to load
ssCore.QuickTime.setProperty({property:"URL", value:ssGlobals.ssStartDir+"\\test.avi"});

// show the QuickTime player

// start playing the video