You've probably all seen posts by a user named AGo in the Northcode support forums. Some of you may have received help from Andre over the years, used one of the SWF Studio plugins he's written or incorporated his AutoBuilder tool into your daily workflow.

Andre has been using and supporting SWF Studio for many years and he's become like family to us. This recognition of Andre's contribution to the Northcode community is long overdue.

Andre started working with Flash at his 11th school year, and started a business focusing on Flash and web development in Aachen just a few years later. Andre has been an Adobe certified Expert and an Adobe Certified Instructor for the Macromedia/Adobe Flash platform since 2006.

Andre is currently a masters student and student research assistant in computer science with the Distributed Systems Group at RWTH Aachen University, Germany. His research focuses on sensor networks and communication in sparse and delay-tolerant networks, and has already appeared in some conference publications, e.g. ACM SIGCOMM 2008.

How long have you been using SWF Studio?

Andre: Well I still remember the old Northern Codeworks days ;) I played around with SWF Studio 1 a bit, but started using it for serious stuff beginning with version 2. My forum account was created on 2002-06-14...

What is your favorite SWF Studio feature?

Andre: Well I like (and heavily use) the ability to enhance SWF Studio by writing my own plugins. However from the built-in features I'd say the coolest thing is the Scratch area, since it gives you a whole new world of possibilities, especially in terms of security and copy protection. Also I think that's one of the features no other swf2exe tool currently offers ;) Another highlight for me is the great automation capabilities of SWF Studio that makes software like the AutoBuilder possible and helps to integrate Studio into bigger build processes.

Why did you choose SWF Studio over other swf2exe tools on the market?

Andre: Back in my starting days there were quite a lot swf2exe tools available, and it was pretty hard to dig trough this jungle. I played around with Studio 2 a bit and found it to be the most stable product so I stuck with it, and looking back at my projects so far and the unmatched customer support I've never regretted it.