We've been seeing quite a few users from other swf2exe tools switching to SWF Studio. Some of these people have been using other products for years and we were curious to find out why they were switching, so we asked. The result is our first "switcher" profile.

Name: Daniele Giardini (a.k.a. babeler)
Company: Holoville s.a.s.
Title: Co-founder, graphic/video designer, Flash coder, product/project manager/designer, technical support (Holoville is extremely small - and we want to keep it like that: we are only 2 persons, specialized in complementary fields)
Industry Experience: 11 years
Designer or Developer: Both
Flash or Flex: Both (though I hate Flex - too clunky and buggy for my tastes)
ActionScript 1/2/3: 3
Mac or Windows: Windows
Google or Bing!: Google
Autobots or Decepticons: Decepticons!

Northcode: We know that you're coming to us from another swf2exe tool, can you tell us which one and how long you've been using it?

Daniele: I've been using Zinc/FlashStudio for circa 7 years, and created lots of projects with it (mostly for interactive CDs and touchscreens).

Northcode: Why the switch and how did you discover SWF Studio?

Daniele: I discovered SWF Studio in 2004 (or at least that's my Northcode Forums registration date), but decided to use FlashStudio Pro (later updated to Zinc) instead. The switch started to happen when I realized I had become afraid of using Zinc, and I looked for another solution - one which wouldn't mess my workflow with unlimited bugs and time-limited workarounds. That's why i switched to AIR, but I was sooo missing a true swf2exe solution. Then, one day, I happened on a blog and read lots of good stuff about SWF Studio, and decided to test it out again. The test went perfectly, and here I am.

Northcode: What was it that finally enticed you to try SWF Studio?

Daniele: It looked really solid, in all its aspects, from coding to support. Also, discovering that I got a $75 discount for switching was quite enticing :)

Northcode: And now that youve tried it, is there anything you'd like to tell users of other swf2exe tools about Northcode or SWF Studio?

Daniele: For Zinc users: I read that lots of people hate Zinc support, and the guys involved (except for Peter). Personally, in spite of the randomly inefficient support (since the release of Zinc v3), I found the MDM people to be extremely nice. But this is not about people: it's about software (and anyway, Northcode support is great - and sometimes evolves into the awesome). With SWF Studio all my code simply works, and I feel a lot less stressed and a lot more satisfied. I finally can schedule my coding time efficiently. You should definitely give it a try and see the difference. For AIR users: hey, you're not using an swf2exe solution... you should try one instead :)

Northcode: We're always interested in hearing about things that people have created with SWF Studio. Can you tell us what you're using SWF Studio for now or what you're planning to do with it?

Daniele: Actually, I'm using SWF Studio for a "secret project" (my customer asked me to keep it like that till september 20). It involves 12 or so different touchscreens, many of them with secondary screens, for an exhibition which should tour the world for some years. I'm using SWF Studio to create a single executable for all the touchscreens (plus another SWF Studio application which will work as a machine setup), which will launch and manage the desired Flash interface on the primary screens, and the complementary Flash videos/animations/interfaces on the secondary screens. Possible future plans comprise a game, a queer desktop app, and probably the update/recoding of the desktop version of our Flash CMS. And surely: more touchscreens.

Northcode: What's your favorite SWF Studio feature?

Daniele: I'm quite new to SWF Studio, and didn't use all its power, thus I can't tell for sure (ActiveX support looks wonderful, but I still haven't used it in a project). As of now, my favorite feature is SWF Studio itself: it's a solid software, all it's methods use the same logic and are very quick and easy to implement, and it's got awesome support. Oh, and about support, I must add one thing that I especially loved: SWF Studio updates are released only when they truly work (and it looks like they don't break existing methods), but you can ask for a development build any time, and you will get it :)

Northcode: Thanks Daniele!