JISC Regional Support Centre Scotland North & East operates out of Edinburgh's Telford College. The organization consists of a team of 8 people, each with a specific remit to support e-learning in colleges and universities.

Craig Mill is tasked with supporting staff in colleges and universities who work with disabled students - making e-learning and the use of computers as accessible inclusive to all learners. Here's some of the great work Craig does with SWF Studio...

We run a project called EduApps which provides free and open source software to educational organizations. One of the threads of EduApps is AccessApps; open source software for disabled students. However, feedback suggested that some learners, particularly those with Dyslexia found the open source launcher/interface to be clunky and difficult to use.

We wanted to improve the interface with a floating toolbar which offered a range of learning support tools. This meant designing the toolbar in Flash with a series of drop down menus, eg planning, reading, writing etc. Each drop down menu consists of different options, eg, for planning a mind mapping software program, for reading a text-to-speech software.

It was important to keep the background of the drop down menus transparent - this was realized with MyStudyBar, a direct result of SWF Studio However, SWF Studio offered many other options, such as making the toolbar draggable, keeping it onto of the desktop when other applications are launched, and a system tray icon etc. There's even an option to create an exe file for automatic start up. This was important as all our software is portable and can be launched from a USB drive.

SWF Studio worked straight out of the box and did exactly what it said on the tin. A one click solution without the need to know about programming. SWF studio provided the perfect solution.

Tim has been an excellent help, patient and extremely responsive to any questions and queries. I'm not the best when it comes to technical stuff but Tim has been an inspiration and a great help. Without Tim and the software the project would never have released its potential. As a result over thousands of people have downloaded MyStudyBar which supports learners with literacy difficulties.

MyStudyBar has received a commendation from the Glasgow Herald Digital Awards and has been shortlisted for the 2011 BETT Awards in the Special Educational Needs Solutions category.