The big changes for this release are that SWF Studio now supports Windows 7 and includes Flash Player

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Added in this release
Added support for generating Windows 7 compatible applications.

Updated the Flash player bundled with SWF Studio to version (flash10e.ocx) from version

Updated Sysinfo.getOSVersionInfo to support Windows 7.

Added Splash.setPosition and Splash.setVisible to provide additional control of splash screens.

Shell.setNotify now supports two new events: onShellExecuteWaitForWindow and onShellExecuteWaitForExit which allow you to receive both events from a single call to Shell.execute instead of using the mutually exclusive waitForWindow and waitForExit flags on the call to Shell.execute.

Browser.setNotify now supports the onWindowClosing event to notify you when the current page attempts to close the browser window using JavaScript. The Browser class does not permit the window to be closed, but now you are notified when the attempt is made in case you want to take some action

Added onMouseButton to Browser.setNotify to allow detection of mouse clicks over an embedded browser window. One limitation of this event is that it can only catch mouse down/press events, not the up/release events.

Added Browser.setUserAgent to allow the application to control the UserAgent sent to the server with each URL request.

Added Browser.getHWND to return the window handle of the embedded browser.

Added Scratch.writeFile and Scratch.readFile to support adding large files (anything over 10MB) to the Scratch area, and later extracting them to disk.

Added support for sending and receiving binary data to the UDP plugin (version 23) and the TCP plugin (version 22).

Added support for binding to a specific local IP address to the UDP plugin (version 24).

Added Mouse.setCapture, Mouse.releaseCapture and Mouse.getCapture to allow Flash to receive mouse events when the mouse is outside the bounds of the application window.

Added SysTools.createGUID to create universally unique ids.

Added new Sentry commands to build and manage an application white list to make the Sentry commands more useful. Sentry.buildWhiteList, Sentry.addToWhiteList,  Sentry.removeFromWhiteList, and Sentry.clearWhiteList. Added Sentry.useWatchList and Sentry.useWhiteList to select the mode in which the Sentry works. Added Sentry.getWhiteList and Sentry.getWatchList to make list management easier.

Added ssGlobals.ssOriginalWorkingDir so you can get the working directory that was inherited from the process that started your application, or the working directory that was assigned to your application (if it was started by a call to the CreateProcess API).

Added onSystemCommand to App.setNotify to allow you to block or implement custom actions for the move, minimize, maximize and restore system commands.

Added a setTimeout method to the HTTP plugin (version 42) to provide control over how long the HTTP plugin waits before generating a timeout error on certain events.

Added SysTools.getWindowCaption to allow you to find your own window caption. You can also get the caption for any window you have a handle (HWND) for.

Added SysInfo.getAdaptersInfo to return information about the installed network adapters inclduing IP addresses linked to each adapter.

Added a timeout parameter to App.sendData to prevent calls from blocking if the destination application is hung or not responding.

Tray.setNotify now supports an onTrayBalloonClosed event to let you determine how a tray balloon was closed. Possible reasons are a click on the balloon, clicking the close button, balloon tip timeout or forced close resulting from a call to Tray.hideBalloon.

Added a new parameter to App.setKioskMode called skipRegMods which tell SWF Studio not to attempt to modify the registry as part of enabling kiosk mode as this causes a UAC prompt on Vista and Windows 7 if the user doesn't have administrator privileges.

Added the forceShow parameter to App.showMsgBox to allow a message box to be displayed even when the main application window is not visible.

Updated HTTP.start with a new optional parameter that allows you to bypass IE proxy settings and make direct connections.

Added ssGlobals.ssFlashHWND to return the window handle of the Flash OCX for the main application.

Changed in this release
Modified how FSCommand EXEC works so legacy Flash applications don't have to move their files out of the fscommand folder. The fscommand folder is not necessary when you make yoru EXE with SWF Studio but if you can't change your code, SWF Studio will do the right thing so your EXEC calls will just work.

Removed xstub.exe and xpatch.exe (for ActiveMark support) from the installation. Because of the way these EXE files work, some antivirus software was flagging them as potentially dangerous even though they are not. If you need support for ActiveMark, please contact us and we'll provide you with the necessary files.

ssCore.Shell.execute now captures the standard error (stderr) stream along with the standard output (stdout) stream when using the saveStdOut flag for all applications so it's no longer necessary to use command line redirection to capture the stderr stream.

SWF Studio now completely removes user registration details when the software is uninstalled.

The size of some EXE files has changed since the last release. Standalone EXE files were 3.6MB in 3.7 and are 4.2MB in 3.8. Compact EXE files were 2.7MB in 3.7 and are 3.2MB in 3.8. Tiny EXE files were 1.2MB in 3.7 and are 1.2MB in 3.8. Unbundled EXE files were 1.8MB in 3.7 and are 4.2MB in 3.8.