SWF Studio 3.7 uses Flash Player 10 and supports Flash CS4 and Flex Builder 3.0.

SWF Studio also ships with AS3 class files for our ActionScript API. This means that you can use SWF Studio with tools like KoolMoves 7 that support AS3 but don't work with SWC files.

Splash screens in SWF Studio can now be SWF files and transparency is automatically enabled so your splash screens can be any shape you like. We've also added new Splash.* commands to let you communicate with your splash screens and show or hiide them whenever you like!

Take control of the amount of memory your application is using. Find out how much memory your application is using at any time by calling the new SysInfo.getProcessMemoryInfo function and then call SysTools.releaseMemory to free up virtual memory instantly.

There's a new plugin in this release that provide fast, flexible, byte-level access to binary files of any size. Use the BinaryFile plugin to seek to any location in the file, read or write as many bytes as you like.

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