Version 3.5 of SWF Studio is the result a major development effort at Northcode to add support for Flash CS3 and Flex. A long public beta (over four months) has helped to ensure that SWF Studio remains the most stable swf2exe tool available. We're proud to share the results of all our hard work with you.

The big news for this release is support for ActionScript 3 so you can use Flash CS3 and Flex and finally take advantage of all Adobe's improvements in the Flash 9 player. We've also added better protection for your SWF files, the ability to use the Flash debugger with a running application and support for reading and writing binary files.

Adding support for Flash CS3 and Flex meant rewriting our core API in ActionScript 3 while maintaining backward compatibility with previous versions of SWF Studio. The result is that there is no learning curve to climb with our new ActionScript 3 API, everything you were doing with SWF Studio yesterday will work today.

The unmatched power and stability of SWF Studio make it the only swf2exe tool to consider for professional Flash/Flex application development. While some companies claim to have world class support, we actually deliver it. For FREE. Put us to the test. You've never experienced anything like the support you'll get from Northcode.

Download your FREE trial version of SWF Studio today.