The big news for this release is the addition of ActionScript 3 support, which allows you to create projects using Flash CS3 or Flex and take full advanatge of the Flash 9 player.

We've created coreAS3Definitions.swc to allow you to compile against the SWF Studio V3 API. In Flash CS3 a component named "SWF Studio V3 AS3 API" will be visible in the Components panel. In Flex you add the SWC to your project library paths. When you install SWF Studio you can find the coreAS3Definitions.swc in C:\Program Files\Northcode\Studio3\AS3 Definitions if you used the default installation location.

You can use ssCore.isEXE todetermine if your project is running in SWF Studio or not and ssDebug.trace will trace to the Flash output panel when testing your SWF in Flash CS3 or Flex, and to the SWF Studio Trace tab when testing your SWF as a SWF Studio-built EXE.

We've added an ssURLLoader class to replace the ssSecure class for ActionScript 3 projects. ssURLLoader is used the same way as URLLoader, except the paths are relative to the SWF Studio layout. Files are streamed in from the layout directly into the Flash Player without first being extracted to the harddrive. ssURLLoader does not use an HTTP server like ssSecure did, so it will not trigger firewalls.

You can now include the Flash 9 debug player in your EXE instead of the release mode player via a single checkbox on the Output Tab. A warning is generated when using the debug player so you don't accidentally ship with the debug player embedded in your applications. Now you can catch runtime errors in your Flash CS3 projects. This does not work properly with Flex yet.

There are some other new features and functions that you can read about in the release notes (available from the SWF Studio Help button on the toolbar).