Last year an application developer from IBM (Blake Goulette) contacted Northcode about a problem he was having with the embedded browser feature in SWF Studio. The feature they needed was critical to making their new kiosk application a success. They had tried everything, even some other swf2exe tools but nothing worked.

The problem was how to redirect a pop-up window back to the embedded browser without losing any session information. We confirmed the problem, but even worse, it didn't look like we'd be able to fix it in SWF Studio because of how the embedded browser worked.

After some head scratching we came up with the deceptively simple Browser.redirectPopups command as a solution. With a one line change to his application Blake got the solution he needed to finish his kiosk project. When no other swf2exe vendor can help it's Northcode to the rescue!

Here's what IBM had to say...

The IBM Software Executive Briefing Program would like to extend thanks and appreciation to Northcode.

The IBM briefing program is continuously striving to improve the experience that visiting clients have at our centers. With that in mind, we began rolling out hospitality kiosks that would provide our client's access to local services, such as restaurants, hotels, provide driving directions, and to print airline boarding passes. Our programmer, Blake Goulette, was chartered to build the kiosk's software program. He experienced unforeseen problems with the printing of boarding passes of a major airline. After a significant number of trials and months of delay, the project was able to succeed when Blake found information about Northcode. After a quick phone call, it was confirmed that Northcode could provide a solution. Thanks to Northcode, we now have our clients impressed with this little extra hospitality that we can offer them to make their trips much more pleasant and efficient.