What if you could easily remove the title bar and borders from your projector. change the icon it displays, make your SWF run in the system tray or turn a SWF into a screensaver? Now imagine if you could do all those things, and a LOT more, without writing a single line of ActionScript?

The collection of screen shots below highlight 32 of the most popular instant "no code required" features accessible directly from the SWF Studio interface. Just click on the screen shot for more details about any feature you're interested in.

Output Tab
· choose an EXE or SCR with one click
· easily assign a project icon
· create a startup splash screen

Movie Tab
· protect your main SWF from prying eyes
· control how external assets are loaded

Window Tab
· enable automatic alpha transparency
· change or remove the windows title bar
· force fullscreen mode
· control your window position
· enable multiple monitor support

Application Tab
· run in the system tray
· assign a custom system tray icon
· only allow one instance of your app to run
· prevent screensavers from startinig
· make entire application draggable
· choose your own "exit" key(s)

Screensaver Tab
· allow mouse movement in screensavers
· allow mouse clicks in screensavers
· auto show/hide mouse pointer
· use SWF as screensaver configutation dialog
· use SWF or image for screensaver preview

Defaults Tab
· supply a Vista application manifest
· run your SWF in kiosk mode
· enable "always on top" mode
· disable Flash right click menu
· enable cut/copy/paste menu in text fields

Version Tab
· complete control of EXE version information
· automatically incrementing build numbers

Expiry Tab
· create trial applications with time limits
· use a SWF for custom expiry messages

Files Tab
· bundle additional files into your application

Masks Tab
· reshape your window with a bitmap mask